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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Retimed yet Delayed

As scheduled, our flight, AK5189 suppose to depart from Miri at 9.40pm and estimated will arrive at Kuala Lumpur by 11.50pm. The morning of flying day, I received a SMS from AirAsia, it mentioned that our flight AK5189 was retimed to 11.55pm instead of 9.40pm. OMG, sounds crazy, the retimed departing time will be our original arriving time! So, I simply suggested my aunt to request to get an earlier flight (try our luck see whether can change flight for free or not although the probability is very high low).

Wow, lucky us, there were remaining 6 seats for the earlier flight, AK5187. Well, without any further though, all the remaining 6 seats were taken by us, FOC! Well, just nice for 6 of us, except my cousin as he couldn’t make it, because he’s working, burned 1 ticket. However, there is 1 condition for us to accept the changes of flight, the seats that we were getting will be at the second last row, Row 30A - 30F! Ah, who cares man, even last row I also wouldn’t mind as long as can go back earlier! The schedule for AK5187 will be departing from Miri at 8.45pm and estimated will arrive at Kuala Lumpur by 10.55pm. Not long after we changed our flight, another SMS was sent by AirAsia to my mobile phone, and again, it mentioned that our new flight, AK5187 was retimed to 9.55pm. My oh my, just what happened since morning, guess all flights KL-Miri for 22nd June were retimed? No doubt.

Since AK5187 was retimed to 9.55pm, thus, we went to the air-port before 8pm to check-in for safe side. When we check-in, guess what, the receptionist told us that the flight has been delayed to 10.50pm! Well, new flight was delayed but yet still earlier than the previous flight, still acceptable too. So we wasted our dinner time in the air-port just looking at the ticking clock and watch. In the end guess what, we departed from Miri air-port at 11.35pm! Might as well don’t change the flight? LOL, wasted the efforts just to get a 20 minutes earlier flight?! *Sigh*

I wanna do a simply summary here for both flights. Our original flight, AK5189, departing from Miri at 9.40pm but was then informed and retimed to 11.55pm. We changed to an earlier flight for free, AK5197, originally departing at 8.45pm but retimed to 9.55pm, then was announced delayed to 10.50pm, end up departed from Miri at 11.35pm, annoying!

So and so, we arrived in Malacca at 3.40am. This post was typed completely at 5.04am!

Anyhow, this will be my first and hope to be the last time to fly at night, such remarkable experiences were quite unpleasant. However, there is 1 thing that I like to fly at night but it can only be enjoyed less than 5 minutes then will be boring for the rest of the journey, which is, the top view of Miri city is pretty amazing from the plane!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey, airplane does not pass by city of KL, thus, I got no comment else than Sepang area. Anyway, tried to capture an image but too bad, failed. Just imagine thousands and thousands of white candles were lighted up and been arranged accordingly as you like, isn’t it so romantic? Oww, so sweet~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free to Blog

Finally, the exam was done, and it was 4 days back from today's post. The exam was killing me and that was the worst exam I ever faced! One simple question in my mind for myself, am I tough enough to proceed another 7 semesters? No doubt, always relying on my luck to proceed with less efforts. Now semester break for 5 weeks and waiting for the unpleasant result, to come out, 8th July. I need you, luck!

Anyway, I am going back to West Malaysia this semester break with my aunt and cousin's family on the 22nd June. We will head to Malacca first for 6 days as my aunt has not back to her home in Malacca for 26 months! Ah well, she loves taking care of her 2 grandchildren (my niece and nephew) in Miri and that's the reason she did not go back to Malacca. After spending 5 nights in Malacca, then only we will head to my house in Kuala Lumpur on the 28th June, Sunday. Very sad to say that I will not bring my Celcom Broadband back (stated earlier planning bring back to run a speed test), as my 62 years old uncle here in Miri is taking care of the house and need the internet connection to kill his bored-ness time.

That's it for now, will keep updating my blog (although the laziness to blog is always there)!


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