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Monday, August 31, 2009

Hari Merdeka 2009 - 1Malaysia

Happy 52nd Birthday MALAYSIA!

This year, 2009, the theme is '1Malaysia' and HERE is the song. As for the parade, it will be held at Malaysian Houses of Parliament in Kuala Lumpur. Don't attend if you are sick, especially flu, get what I mean?


Berdiri teguh di bumi nyata
Untuk Semangat Satu Malaysia
Sepakat Rakyat Didahulukan
Pencapaian Diutamakan

Perpaduan Merapat-rapat
Toleransi kaum amalan bersama
Kejayaan kita bangunkan Satu Malaysia

Dalam capai satu tujuan
Tanggungjawab kita semua
Jadi teras bangsa mulia
Kita bina satu Malaysia

Satu Malaysia jadi pegangan
Rukun Negara teras panduan

Satu Malaysia benteng negara
Rakyat Malaysia taat setia

Satu Malaysia jadi pegangan
Rukun Negara teras panduan

Satu Malaysia benteng negara
Rakyat Malaysia taat setia

Satu malaysia untuk semua

Friday, August 28, 2009

Gigantic Python near Curtin Sarawak Malaysia?

Well, everywhere now is forwarding an e-mail regarding a big Python was found at Curtin Sarawak Malaysia (CSM) area, to be specific, Senadin, Miri, Sarawak. I don't know about the full story, however, it was found (either death or they kill) during the bush fire in Miri, which caused haze eventually. From the picture below, I believe it was killed by the 'head hunters', just look at its bleeding head.

How many meters could it be? Scary? Indeed! If there is 1, definitely there will be more! My oh my......

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Malaysia Haze Index

Continue from previous post @ HERE.

Thick haze without heavy rain; hot weather without cold wind. This is what happening in Miri since 31st July 2009. Check out the haze index in Malaysia, Miri is one of the "best" candidate.

Since yesterday, the thick haze has been vanished slowly with the help of heavy rain and the cold wind. *yeah*

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Haze in Miri, Sarawak

Cough, cough and cough. Lost your voice and also your throat will sore. Damn to all the haze that occurred since last Friday(if not mistaken) in Miri. Every morning I travel to class I gotta open my eyes as huge as possible in order to drive at the correct pathway. Reason? Thanks to the mist thick haze. It's too dangerous and risky for me to get down from car just to get a "scenery" of it.

Can any officer or maybe the government do something about this? As far as I know the haze all were caused by the open burning at Kuala Baram. Now, everyone is suffering and suffocating, especially the place where I'm studying, Curtin University, quite near to Kuala Baram. Never expected the haze was so serious, but, on Tuesday, I woke up early to head to town, and all I saw every corner was, haze, haze and haze!

Here's an article for you guys to read @ TheStar.

A motto for this situation was created by me: 'Daze in the maze of haze!'


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