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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas' Predators

First of all, I would like to wish all of you Merry X’mas and a Happy New Year!

What I’ve been busying within these few days was collecting something unique which was extremely artistic. Such stuffs were hand-made mini Predators, 2 inches in size, which were made out of aluminium wires and some colourful rubber tubes. I assumed that these collections as my Christmas gift, from me to me, LOL! However, for the sake of collecting more of it, my cousin brother and I willing to run up and down for more than 3 days just to buy and glue it into 3 custom-made boxes. Different Predators bought at different places.

One of the days searching for more Predators: since traffic congestion occurred along the town area, we parked at 1 corner and walked around, and here are some Futuristic Historical objects and structures I would like to share throughout our journey which only can be found in Malacca.

Eye on Malaysia, currently located at Malacca, previously located at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, Kuala Lumpur.

Back to the 2 inches in size of Predators, nothing to type much about it, originally were key chains but I took out the chains, just look at the pictures below and enjoy it.

My first box, collected on 24th of December 2008.

My second box, collected on 25th of December 2008.

My third box, collected on 26th of December 2008.

Finally, behold, my masterpiece, last minute bought it, the 6 inches Predator.

Basically, there were more options for the big and small Predators, but I only manage to get 16 Predators, 15 mini Predators, mostly all I owned; 1 huge Predator, too expensive, 1 will do. Cash in my wallet flow like water just to get such stuffs, try to grab some in Malacca if you want to, can be found at Jonker Walk easily. Some other countries like Thailand do sell as well. I'll be looking forward for more new Predators on upcoming Chinese New Year.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Excitement of Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall

The day before yesterday, my cousin approached to me and ‘begged’ me, wanted me to send them to Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall right after their church service, which will be 12.30pm. And well, again, everything went well as planned, except for the parking part. Since it was Sunday, thus, parking always full. Look at the image below, traffic congested right outside Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall and Mahkota Parade.

First sight when I looked at the Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, I will call it Megamall for short, it has changed a lot since I left Peninsular Malaysia for 8 months, just 8 months. Previously, the Megamall was built with 2 floors and wide. This time, there is a new attachment building right next to it, I don’t know when the Minimall Megamall has that particular new block, the thing is, I got a shock, just within these 8 months has this major change. Basically, the new block was built up to 5 floors and more emphasize on Carrefour. The best of all, the top floor of the main block has transformed the most, which are, there were a minor pathway and a huge field on it, sounds weird? Just look at the pictures below and you will get what I mean as I can’t describe it clearly. Note that, it is located at the TOP floor of the main block. The field will be used for certain special occasions, such as Flying Kite Competition.

Now, there is a new block across the road, still under construction, wow. However, the new phrase will be known as Pahla1 Hotel, aka Pahlawan Hotel. The newer block will be linked to the new block with a bridge, the length of the bridge will be the same as the length of the road across, for sure. So, from my point of view, the Megamall has the concept of 1 Utama at Damansara Utama, which is, the building was built with the shape of a L, from top view.

At the mean time, the main hall in Megamall was having a Christmas event, entertaining everyone in Megamall as Christmas is coming soon, 3 days from today.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Malacca, My Hometown

Every year, at least 4 times per year, my family and I will go back to our hometown, Malacca, FYI, I was born in Malacca, but only live in Kuala Lumpur. Skip the intro, oh well, as usual, year end, school holidays, Christmas, will go back to Malacca, 2 hours journey from KL with the speed limit of 110km/h.

As Friday, my family and I went to my aunt’s house for lunch, and I suggested to have a dinner supper at Bunga Raya(town area), the dish will be the very high-demanded food, Fried Oyster, at the same time, I suggested to have a walk at Jonker Walk right after supper. The reason I suggested Fried Oyster is because I missed Fried Oyster very much, desperately, 8 months in Miri, my another aunt in Miri(origin Malacca also, but stucked there for 1 year plus due to his son) and I searched everywhere and found none. Well, without any second thought, everyone agreed, and my aunt suggested to go at 9pm, right after the Live News on TV. And so, everything went well as planned.

Once reached Bunga Raya, first food to be ordered of course will be the famous Fried Oyster. Since everyone of us didn’t have such supper for quite some time, right away, my aunt treats us this supper pleasantly. At the mean time, the drink we ordered will be the ‘Six Flavored Drink’, in Chinese known as 六味汤, I’m not sure whether the English name for the drink is that, I just translate it indirectly. Oh well, might to give it a try, you will love it. Pictures of Fried Oyster and the ‘Six Flavored Drink’ are as below. The drink supposedly to have more, but I drank 40% of it, sorry.

Right after the supper, we headed to Jonker Walk, it located next street to Bunga Raya, will pass by Christ Church if you use the main road. Usually we will do this during Chinese New Year, but since I’m bored, I just simply suggest it, hehe. For those who doesn't know about it, might to have a quick walk at Jonker Walk. It will only be opened from Friday till Sunday, night till mid night. You can find some little serviniors at there. Here's 2 pictures of it.

After enjoyed the day, all of us headed back, it was 12am and the stalls at Jonker Walk were closing. Here's an additional picture, it's the Christ Church.

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Changes of Mind for PCs

Mind always change and so do plan can be changed. Read this post, I prove it to you readers how it changes within these 2 days(Saturday and Sunday).

Planned just to go to the Final PIKOM PC Fair on Friday, but then I changed my mind at the very last minute just to get a 8Gb MicroSD card on Saturday. Nothing much to type about it, just walked 1 round, bought it and straight away headed back. Once I got home, my dad asked me one simple question, but yet it hurts me a lot, which was, can I find a Desktop with the price of RM1k for my sisters? The thing which hurts me was not the price, but it was the time that I wasted for Friday and Saturday. If he could ask me earlier, I can safe my time and survey it during Friday’s and Saturday’s PC Fair. And now, Sunday, I have no choice but to go to PC Fair, again. Since I prefer to get a customised Desktop, he gave me RM1.5k, well, just nice, for my sisters. Before PC Fair, I had surveyed several places for an AMD Desktop about this range, just a simple but quite high tech Desktop, which can be upgraded in the near future. Note that, this Desktop is for my sisters, not me. My old Pentium 4 3.0Ghz with HT Technology Desktop has to be abandoned. My PC used by my sisters while I’m away from KL, seriously damaged and hardly can be cured; to be exact, it’s not their fault. Oh well, when the time comes, it has to be replaced.

Changing mind, wanna try AMD for once instead of Intel all the while. The reason of taking AMD because it is cheaper compared to Intel, everyone knows that, nevertheless, it can perform better in terms of gaming. At first, the type of motherboard I was looking for was the type that comes with 780 Chipset, no idea what is it? Just Google it. It comes with HDMI and eSATA slots, supportable maximum to 8Gb DDR2 RAM, the Integrated VGA was one of the best as well, which was made by ATI, anyway, TWO Graphic Cards can be added in the future. However, last few hours I changed my mind to get a better motherboard, which was 790GX, more or less the same as 780, but 790GX has higher Integrated VGA, what was worth the most was that it comes with Hybrid CrossFireX. Just Google for 790GX Chipset motherboard if you wanna know more. Thus, I would prefer to get a customised Desktop instead of a Package-branded Desktop, you can save a lot and it satisfies you.

On the other hand, N(Nothing)’s dad who previously rejected that insane Desktop has also changed his mind, allowed N(Nothing) to purchase that insane Desktop. The only hope from N(Nothing) was that nobody get that last piece of FREE Samsung 21.5" LCD! Yet, he was so lucky that no one get the 2nd FREE Samsung 21.5" LCD. Without any second though, his dad passed RM1k to him for deposit and the ‘Everybody’s Dream Desktop’ is ready to be collected on Monday evening at Low Yat Plaza. Congratulations dude, Intel Core i7 is in your hand! Wanna know the crazy spec? Read the previous post.

Back to my hand, I’m looking for an AMD’s Processor which so known as Phenom, aka Quad Core, but since my demand was high, I targeted the highest Processor, which was AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition! LOL, such Processor for my sisters! What can they do with it? Anyway, walked 1 round every corner of PC Fair, I couldn’t find a single of it. Just found a 2Gb DDR2 800Mhz Kingston RAM, it will be enough for my sisters, hehe. In the end, changed my mind to go to Low Yat Plaza and search for the Processor and Motherboard at the very last minute, right after PC Fair. Expected everybody will only go to PC Fair, and yet, again and again, expect the unexpected, Low Yat Plaza full with people as well. Anyhow, I found it! The things that I wanted:

@ AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition(2.6GHz, highest for AMD)
@ Asus M3A78-T Motherboard(790GX Chipset)
@ Cooler Master casing + 450W power supply

All in RM1540 including the RAM, I guess I gotto top up another RM40 for the Desktop. This Asus 790GX Chipset motherboard is very way too superb for user like my sisters, why? Because it comes with Integrated ATI HD3300, which is 128Mb for its Integrated Graphic and it can be maximized till 512Mb by sharing memory, and supportable to THREE Graphic Cards, unlike other brands, only TWO. And, will my sisters need the Hybrid CrossFireX? Anyway, ever wonder why I don’t purchase a Harddisc and a DVD-ROM? The reason is simple, just use back the old 1, 160Gb for my sisters, how long will they take to use it completely? DVD-ROM use back, because using an external Super Multi DVD-ROM. Floopy A drive? Do they need it? Such spec of Desktop for my sisters, even the shop's salesman couldn't believe me, how lucky they are, FYI, they are ‘computer noobs’! I mean it, computer noobs. Haha.

Planned to go back to hometown, Malacca, on Monday has to be delayed, due to the appearance of this new Desktop, at the same time, N(nothing)’s ‘Monster PC’ is coming, I gotto help him. Oh well, mind always change and so do plan can be changed. The end.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Madness of KL's PC Fair

Final PIKOM PC Fair for 2008 is having from 12th till 14th December, 11am to 9pm, at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, Mahkota Parade Melaka(Malacca), Dewan Suarah Bintulu(Sarawak) and Batu Pahat Mall(Johor). Oh well, since now I’m KL, go to KLCC for sure, at the same time will miss the chance to go to Malacca’s PC Fair, since I will be leaving to Malacca from the 15th December till after Christmas.

As usual, my insane gang, M.E.A.N., planned to go on Friday(we will go everyday for most of the time, but not this time, because I got nothing special to grab and lazy). Unfortunately, M(Manything), got to work in PC Fair and could not follow us to round and round and round the PC Fair. A(Anything) will catch-up later because he got a performance to perform, lucky you A(Anything), or else we will keep snapping you during your performance, hehe. So, me, E(Everything) and N(Nothing) gathered at 10am and straight away headed to KLCC with Putra LRT, currently known as Rapid KL. Begin at 11am, but we go that early? The journey is just like 15 minutes! LOL!

Expected nobody will reach that early, but yet, again, expect the unexpected! Doesn’t care these Homo sapiens were old or young, tall or short, thin or fat, everyone is queuing up at EVERY entrance, note that, every entrance! Once the glass sliding doors opened, everyone rushed in like a mad dog, I mean it! OMG, do we have to join them to run? Nah, we wanna enjoy the day, not rushing for it. Too bad I couldn’t manage to take a picture of it, but at least I can show you the crowd-ness for Friday’s PC Fair, if you don’t know, Friday will be least people. And of course, the craziest will be on Sunday. Sorry for the blurness of all pictures.

This time, as for our missions, me, just wanna grab some printer’s cartridges and 50 pieces of DVD-R, planned to get a 8Gb MicroSD for my phone but then I counted, a 4Gb MicroSD is more worth than a 8Gb MicroSD, regardless the brand, well no choice but to postpone it. As for N(Nothing), he got a “major” project, which was to get a new Desktop, target will be an Acer Aspire Desktop or a Dell XPS Desktop. A(Anything) and I will guide this N(Noob)(Nothing) to choose a perfect computer. Although N(Nothing) has felt in love with these two Acer Aspire and Dell XPS, however, he wanna try his luck to get the latest Intel Core i7 Processor with XGb DDR3 1333Mhz RAM and of course with a minimum Graphic Card with 512Mb DDR3! Brand? Don’t know yet.

“Lucky” him, during PC Fair doesn’t even exist these 2 Desktops. And…. The first round, N(Nothing) and I found a ‘Everybody’s Dream Desktop’ made by Asus, the crazy thing was, the first TWO customers who purchased it will get a FREE Samsung 21.5” LCD! Who doesn’t want it?! The specs were like:
@ Intel Core i7 920 Processor <----- Latest processor for now!
@ Asus P6T Deluxe X58 Mainboard <----- 3 years warranty as usual.
@ Asus 3Gb DDR3 1333Mhz RAM <----- Highest DDR RAM for now!
@ Asus ATI Radeon HD4830 512Mb DDR3 <----- FYI, it is a 256 Bitrate.
@ Western Digital 1Tb SATA Harddisc <----- 1 Terabytes, not enough?!
@ Etc etc.

OMG, a SUPERB Desktop, the price is damn freaking reasonable since it has the latest Intel Processor! The person who wanna get the Desktop was not as excited as I do! At the end, N(Nothing) has to turn down this crazy offer, for the time being. Theoretically, it was not N(Nothing) who wanna turn down this offer, but his dad. Long story... Anyhow, all the best to you N(Nothing), just wait for your dad’s arrival soon, from somewhere. Anyway, those who wanna know where to get this ‘little monster’ Desktop, please visit Hall 4, Booth 417! For your info, left 1 more FREE Samsung 21.5” LCD! So hurry up! Price, check yourself, very reasonable.

After surveyed the first round, A(Anything) rushed to join us, haha. Reached KLCC, the first thing to do is, eat…… However, it was lunch time and everyone was starving. So and so, we walked the whole PC Fair for SIX rounds! SIX SIX SIX SIX SIX SIX!!!!!! Never happened before so far, this will be our own new record after the last few PC Fairs, it was 4 or 5 rounds previously. If you never walk before KLCC’s PC Fair, you might want to try it some day, 1 round might be enough, just try it, if 1 not enough, go for 2nd round. This time, the PC Fair was so full with delightful colours, especially at Hall 5. Just look at the pictures below and you will get what I mean.

Green colour - Maxis Broadband

Blue colour - Celcom Broadband

Purple colour - P1 Wimax

Orange colour - TM Net Streamyx

Yellow colour - DiGi Postpaid.

Three of us walked till the PC Fair nearly close, then, we enjoyed the wonderful night view of KLCC Twin Tower with the background of ‘Sky on Fire’. Pictures at below, click to enlarge.

Cool? Sky on fire. It's gonna rain soon actually.

After quite some time, we went back, thanks for the free ride N(Nothing). Begin at 11am, we went at 10am; close at 9pm, reached home at 10.40pm. The time we spent was just like a worker in PC Fair; walked six rounds and our legs were......

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gentlemen: The Victim Of Shopping

When it comes to shopping, men will lose to women in everything, yea, I mean it, everything! This may sound common but yet, it is the fact. This few days, I shopped everywhere and decided to post what I observed all the while since, hmm, long long ago. Assume this situation that every couple, regardless married nor unmarried couples, wanna go shopping to get their new clothes for Christmas or maybe Chinese New Year or maybe Hari Raya or maybe Deepavali etc. Once enter the shopping mall, the first place to go will be the ladies’ department, followed by children’s department(for those who have kids below the age of 12) and last will be the gentlemen’s department.

In ladies’ department, 80% of the men will be ‘abandoned’ by his partner. The remaining 20% will accompany his partner to choose garments, usually unmarried couples and old couples will do so, the rest just accompany for nothing. Within that 80% who were ‘abandoned’, 65% of them have kids with them, most of the time will be boys, while the remaining were those who were unwilling to accompany his partner. For those who have kids and at the same time brought along their portable game console, 80% of men will observe on what his children are playing while the other 20% will indirectly snatch the portable game console to play. Those who doesn’t has kids yet, most of them will sit on the bench all alone and start observing their surrounding, ladies for sure, LOL, unless he brought along a newspaper or magazine or book to read. No doubt. Now, proceed to children’s department.

In children’s department, this will be the most lovely time, because some of the couples will shop together, not all but some of the time(if they come together). They might be seen to shop together but 30% of the time they will argue to pick their children’s garments, especially choosing colours. However, the amount number of ladies in children’s department will be the most. Most of the time, the ladies will buy clothes for both daughter and son, but hardly to see a gentleman shop for his daughter. This proves what? Guys have no sense of buying female’s clothes? Or has a bad taste? Or afraid of your wife to scold you? Oh well, proceed to gentlemen’s department.

In gentlemen’s department, 90% of men would prefer to shop alone especially when his partner is not around with him but 40% from the 90% will successfully escape from his partner. Those who have kids will shop with his kids, especially with boys between the ages of 5 to 12. Those men who can’t run and hide from his partner, he seldom gains the opportunity to choose the garment which he likes, and always the ladies’ power-rule to pick the garment, especially upper garment. Why do guys sound so pity?

In reality, when it comes to pay the garments, all of time, the quantity of clothes for ladies will be the most, and each of it will cost more than the gentleman’s clothes, regardless kids’ clothes. If you spend 5 hours in the shopping mall, 3 hours will be in the ladies’ department, 1 and the half hour will be in the kids’ department while the remaining, oh well, I do not have to type.

So, what do you think?

*This post is just based on my opinion and also reality. It may sound true or false, it’s just my opinion.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Maroon 5 - Call And Response: The Remix Album

Simply click to download(at your own risk).

Maroon 5's forth studio album, Call And Response: The Remix Album. Mainly consists of songs from their 1st and 2nd studio album.

Track Listing:

01. If I Never See Your Face Again
02. Wake Up Call
03. Sunday Morning
04. Makes Me Wonder
05. This Love
06. She Will Be Loved
07. Shiver
08. Wake Up Call
09. Harder To Breathe
10. Little Of Your Time
11. Little Of Your Time
12. Goodnight Goodnight
13. Not Falling Apart
14. Better That We Break
15. Secret(Premier 5 Remix)
16. Woman
17. This Love(Cut Copy Galatic Beach House Mix)
18. If I Never See Your Face Again


Stay tuned for more updates.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Need For Speed: Undercover Soundtrack

Simply click to download(at your own risk).

This may not be the official original soundtrack for Need For Speed: Undercover, however, these collection of soundtracks were used in the game.

Track Listing:

01. Airbourne - Girls In Black
02. Amon Tobin - Mighty Micro People
03. Asian Dub Foundation - Burning Fence
04. Bonobo - Scuba(Amon Tobin Mix)
05. Circlesquare - Fight Sound Part 1
06. Floor Thirteen - Blame It On Me
07. From First To Last - I Once Was Lost But Now Am Profound
08. Hybrid - The Formula Of Fear(Matrix Dub)
09. Innerpartsystem - This Empty Love
10. Justice - Genesis
11. Kinky - Mexican Radio
12. Ladytron - Ghosts
13. Mindless Self Indulgence - Never Wanted To Dance
14. Nine Inch Nails - The Mark Has Been Made
15. Nine Inch Nails - The Warning
16. Ojos De Brujo - Piedras VS Tanques
17. Pendulum - 9,000 Miles
18. Pendulum - Granite
19. Pendulum - Tempest
20. Puscifer - Indigo Children(JLE Bub Mix)
21. Puscifer - Momma Sed(Tandemonium Mix)
22. Qba Libre & M1 - God Damn
23. Recoil - Shunt
24. Recoil - Vertigen
25. Recoil - Want
26. Splitting Adam - On My Own
27. Supergrass - Bad Blood
28. The Fashion - Like Knives
29. The Pinker Tones - Electrotumbao
30. The Prodigy - First Warning
31. The Qemists - Stompbox(Spor Remix)
32. The Whip - Fire
33. Tricky - Coalition
34. Tyga ft Patty Crash - Diamond Life

Part I (Track #1 - #17)
Part II (Track #18 - #34)

Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Akon - Freedom[album]

Simply click to download(at your own risk).

Akon's third studio album, Freedom.

Track Listing:

01. Right Now(Na Na Na)
02. Beautiful
03. Keep You Much Longer
04. Troublemaker
05. We Don't Care
06. I'm So Paid
07. Holla Holla
08. Against The Grain
09. Be With You
10. Sunny Day
11. Birthmark
12. Over The Edge
13. Freedom
14. Clap Again(Bonus)

Mirror link 1
Mirror link 2

Stay tuned for more updates.

Britney Spears - Circus[album]

Simply click to download(at your own risk).

Britney Spears' sixth studio album, Circus.

Track Listing:

01. Womanizer
02. Circus
03. Out From Under
04. Kill The Lights
05. Shattered Glass
06. If U Seek Amy
07. Unusual You
08. Blur
09. Mmm Papi
10. Mannequin
11. Lace And Leather
12. My Baby
13. Radar(Bonus)
14. Rock Me In(Bonus)
15. Phonography(Bonus)
16. Amnesia(Bonus)

Mirror link 1
Mirror link 2

Stay tuned for more updates.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annoying Ads in Facebook

I believe most of you here when gained the opportunity to surf the net, 1st thing to on will be your MSN, or should I say WLM, Windows Live Messenger. Am I right? No doubt. Just admit it!! Then, my 2nd thing to on will be Facebook for most of the time. 24 hours per day & 7 days per week, Facebook will be on if my internet connection doesn't switch off, even when I'm sleeping.

Since the last 2 days, or maybe earlier, a minor update has been done in Facebook, which was the advertisement(ads) section. If you are a member and haven't notice, might to have a look on your right hand side for most of the pages in Facebook, especially for applications. I felt glad when I saw this first ads, bottom left, since I study there(Sarawak campus). But then, I started to get attracted annoyed when the 2nd ads, bottom right, keep showing several times within an hour! Oh well, I censored it, hehe. My first thought about it, does Facebook has nothing better to publish else than |We Love "Boobs"|? LOL

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Gold Man

Monday might be the best time for shopping, why? Because jobs start on Monday, common sense? Oh well, my sisters and I went for it. 9a.m., waited for my buddy, X, to send us to Jalan Bukit Bintang, as he wanted to Low Yat Plaza to seek for a PC Fair's part-time job, and so we prepared and headed to Sungei Wang. As usual, first destination, Sungei Wang. FREE transport, thanks buddy! Expect traffic conjunction around Jalan Bukit Bintang, oh well, expect the unexpected, reached there way too "late" until most of the shops closed haven't open. So and so, time for shopping has began, except for me and my buddy X. After quite some time, my buddy X went back.

After dealing with Sungei Wang and Times Square completely, my sisters and I planned to head to Pavilion. On the way to Pavilion, guess what we saw outside Sungei Wang? The Gold Man. Wow?

Click on the image to have a larger view.

I guess some of you here might have seen it before? Nevermine, at first I thought it was a statue, but in a sudden, I saw his hand moving, and...... Smoking! It's a real man! Anyway, what made me felt guilty was, I didn't notice there was a sign mentioned:


Price: As You Wish!


After took 1 picture, The Gold Man stared at me one kind, I was wondering, why? So I ignored him and headed to Pavilion for one hour. One hour later, we walked back to Sungei Wang and he's gone! Until I reached home and viewed back the picture, then I found out the reason on why he stared at me, because I did not pay him! Sorry The Gold Man! If there is a chance that we could meet again, I will pay you. I know you spend a lot on colouring your clothes and the efforts that have been made. Sorry again! Hopefully it's not too late; make no sense, he wouldn't know I had made an apologise. Anyhow, still sorry!

5p.m., we planned to go home by transiting Monorial to Putra LRT, currently known as Rapid KL. However, on the way to Monorial Station, my sister's eagle eyes spotted our dad's car, stucked in the traffic conjunction, *laughing*, we called him and so, another FREE transport! So coincidence? So lucky? No doubt. Thanks to The Gold Man I guess?


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