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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya, especially my friends around me!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Ah, another boring holiday for me, reason is because I did not plan earlier to fly back, even worse, last minute only knew that my tuition free week falls on the Raya week! Blaming myself for not planning ahead, by the time I noticed it, the price of flight was like 4-6 times higher than usual price. This year will be my 2nd year to skip the Raya celebration at my uncle's house (Alor Gajah, Malacca), and he celebrates Raya every year. Gonna miss another 3 years? Perhaps so, unless I plan ahead, this will be a great lesson for me.

Last year was not that bored, although I did not fly back, I could at least follow my cousins to visit his friends, but not this year, all busy working, aiks.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mystery of Deep-sea Fish with Tubular Eyes and Transparent Head

Google-ing is fun! Look what I found while I'm doing my research based on "Fish farming". It's a weird fish with a pair of tubular eyes and a transparent head!
To read more, click HERE.
The barreleye (Macropinna microstoma) has extremely light-sensitive eyes that can rotate within a transparent, fluid-filled shield on its head. The fish's tubular eyes are capped by bright green lenses. The eyes point upward (as shown here) when the fish is looking for food overhead. They point forward when the fish is feeding. The two spots above the fish's mouth are are olfactory organs called nares, which are analogous to human nostrils. Image: © 2004 MBARI

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

<1Malaysia-Proton>3 Malaysians, brought to you by Proton

I, hereby would like to share 7 short video clips about '3 Malaysians' which suit to theme for this year, 1Malaysia. All of the 7 short video clips were brought by Proton.

Short summary: This year, we got 3 Malaysians to rileks together. Afdlin Shauki, Dato David Aramugam and Ho Yuhang spent a nite at a pasar malam and talked about Malaysia.

Watch each video clip carefully and enjoy~

Part 1 - Rojak (60 seconds)

Part 2 - Censored (60 seconds)

Part 3 - Lok lok (60 seconds)

Part 4 - Kuih muih (40 seconds)

Part 5 - Konsert pasar (60 seconds)

Part 6 - Chiplak (60 seconds)

Part 7 - Hangus (60 seconds)

Source: http://www.1malaysia-proton.com

RON95 begins Today

Previously, the price of RON 95 in Malaysia is RM1.75 per litre. From today onwards, it will be RM1.80 per litre and will be introduced to nationwide. Perhaps the 'red' colour fuel(RON 95) that often people neglected in Shell(as an example) will be the main fuel while the 'green' colour fuel(RON97) that mostly people used will be the premium fuel, increased from RM1.80 to RM2.05 per litre. The previous 'green' colour fuel will no longer can be found easily nationwide, only selected locations and city. I've asked the cashier in one of the Shell petrol kiosk in Miri regarding RON97 which commonly we used, he answered me only Kuching has it, RON97 and V-Power are not available in Miri, until future, perhaps.

What do you guys think about it? 1st thing came across into my mind was that, are we downgrading our daily fuel instead of upgrading to RON99? Then, will the performance of the vehicle become worse? Next, will the engine of the vehicle gets dirtier easily? Worst of all, will it damage the vehicle engine?!

Oh well, after I've Google'd for few minutes, my above assumptions are out of the box, totally wrong! Here's a simple conclusion that I can make after reading few articles. 1st things 1st, RON signifies Research Octane Number. It is a measurement of the fuel's ability to resist engine knocking. Knocking only happens in the engine whereby the cylinder explodes when fuel and air being mixed together. The higher the Octane Number, the harder/higher resistance for the engine to knock, which it will reduces the performance of the vehicle! Thus, don't feel and think bad of using a lower Octane Number of fuel, it's just cheaper and environmental friendly, I think.

Source and reference:

1. Price of RON 95 at RM1.80 from Tuesday.


2. The Difference between RON92, RON95, RON97 and RON99.



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