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Friday, August 31, 2007

50 Years Of Independence (1957-2007)

Shout 7 times Merdeka!! Happy 50th celebration Malaysia (The Golden Year)! Wow, it’s fast that Malaysia had survived for a half of a decade. New theme: Malaysiaku Gemilang!

New theme song: Malaysiaku Gemilang
Music by: Nik Nizam - Istana Budaya
Lyric composed by: Rais Yatim & Hairul Anuar Harun

Marilah kita semua
Atas nama negarabangsa
Dengan tekad mulia
Maju berwawasan
Mencipta keagungan

Berpadulah kita semua
Di dalam satu suara
Dengan degupan Merdeka
Menjulang budaya bangsa
Untuk Malaysia tercinta

Malaysiaku gemilang
Merdekanya terbilang
Berdaulat dan makmur
Berjaya kami syukur

Malaysia, kebebasan kedamaian
Malaysia, kebahagiaan kebanggaan
Malaysia, cemerlang terbilang
Malaysiaku gagah gemilang

Click HERE to download Malaysiaku Gemilang.mp3.


Does anyone know that
Republic of Ghana gained their independence on 1957 from United Kingdom too? But they were earlier, which is 6 of March 1957.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

New Nokia 5310 XpressMusic & 5610 XpressMusic Phone

Nice NEW upcoming Nokia 5310 XpressMusic Phone & 5610 XpressMusic Phone.
View view!

<--Click HERE to view Nokia 5310 XpressMusic.

Click HERE to view Nokia 5610 XpressMusic Phone.-->

How lovely if I could just grab 1 of them.

Monday, August 27, 2007

AND1 3on3 Street Ball Challenge

Click the image to view the venue and date.

Once again (every year), AND1 3on3 Street Ball Challenge is back! Haiya, each team pays RM90 and play 2 matches. This year, I don't know what are they gonna give, 1 ball again for each team? 3 shirts for each team? Some Milo? Lovely, nah, this year don't want to participate again. No team. =(

Journey Under A Full Moon

The time taken to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Malacca (my home town) is roughly 2 hours. Oh well, Monday (today), I need to continue my SPM trial exam but Sunday (last night) 8p.m, my family and I made a move to Malacca. Insane huh? The last day of one week holiday go back to home town, lame. Just ignore everything, we managed to reach home by 3.30a.m (3 hours more going to school). Along the highway, haha, I didn’t notice it was full moon, idiot, Ghost Festival, of course must be full moon. Scary moon, look, I snapped by using my toy phone. Hehe, those pictures of moon just like torch light.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Month Of Ghost

BEWARE of Hungry Ghost! The gate has opened!
What things you shouldn't do during the chinese 'Ghost Festival/Ghost Month/Ghost Day' :

a) Don't use/carry/bring/equip bell, including key-chains.
b) Be back home early.
c) Don't kick/step/take those foods along the road side.
d) Sleep before 3a.m? I would advice to sleep before 12a.m. =D
e) Don't say/shout/scream/sing your friends and family name after 12a.m.
f) If you heard someone is calling you but you noticed there is nobody, just IGNORE!
g) Don't/avoid wearing BLACK shirts(maybe clothes).
h) Close umbrella in front of your house door and don't bring it in.
i) Don't hang clothes at night.
j) Keep all your hanging clothes BEFORE 5p.m.
k) Don't whistle at night.

New Top Songs!

NEW songs! =D
Simply click to download.

-->Gym Class Heroes ft Patrick Stump - Clothes Off!<-- -->Rihanna - Shut Up And Drive<-- -->Paula Deanda ft Bow Wow - Easy<-- -->Daddy Yankee ft Fergie - Impacto<-- -->50 Cent ft Justin Timberlake & Timbaland - Ayo Technology<--
-->The Click Five - Jenny<-- -->Sean Kingston - Me Love<-- -->Paramore - Misery Business<--

*p/s: songs request are available. Leave some comments/critics.
Stay tune for more updates.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lyrics Of High School Musical 2

Lyrics! Lyrics! Sing along!
Oh well, the lyrics are way TOOOOOOO long.
Click HERE to download those lyrics.
Don't worry, it's a Doc file.

High School Musical 2

High School Musical 2 Original Soundtrack!
Simply click to download.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Get Paid By Clicking Ads (Advertisement)

I am a member these pay per click sites so I know they are genuine and they do pay out. All sites listed are 100% free to join and cash out. Featured are the sites that will pay you more per click. Try joining a few of the smaller pay to click sites then use your earnings to purchase advertising on the sites to build your down line for the larger programs.

(i) Adbux

*note that it's in USD

  • Earn $0.0015-0.01 per ad visit (it's kinda rush and may miss those ads if you click slowly due to its limit)
  • $10 can be taken out by Pay Pal or check payout
  • Receive 100% on referral earnings

Adbux's web : http://adbux.org

(ii) Englandbux

*note that it's in UK Pound

  • Earn £0.01 per ad visit (doesn't need to rush because those ads will not disappear)
  • £10 can be taken out by Pay Pal or E-Gold (not recommended)
  • Receive 50% on referral earnings

Englandbux's web : http://www.englandbux.org

~Guys, if interested, register and type me as your referrer. My referrer ID is ezrasang for both account mentioned above.

~Getting started, for Adbux, click 'Browse Ads' and you can see those ads which are available. For Englandbux, click 'Paid To Click' (sometimes Inbox in your e-mail and Englandbux's Inbox).

~ATTENTION! IMPORTANT! Only click ONE ads at ONE time. Each clicked ads are counted by time (count down). Look at the TOP of those ads' page. Once it's 'DONE $', you may proceed to another ads. For Adbux, the time is not fixed (certain ads pay you directly after clicked, certain ads need to wait about 30s). For Englandbux, the time is fixed which is 45s each ads.

~Click everyday, it's worth although being paid with small amount.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

王力宏 - 改变自己

Simply click to download.

Use your mouse's MIDDLE button(aka scroll) to click which allow you to open those links in a new TAB instead of open it at the same window(make sure your browser has the TAB function).

*p/s: songs request are available. Leave some comments/critics.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coin from North Shields?

Which is front?
Which is back?

Wuu, nice coin since 1825 from North Shields. From where the hell my dad get it!? Click and read the history about North Shields, intersting.
Oh anyway, click those pictures for a bigger view!
Read every single word!


I'm a GunZ 'maniac'. Learn how to play this Action Shooting Game with STYLES.

  • Butterfly(bf)
  • Double Butterfly(dbf)
  • Triple Butterfly(tbf)
  • Slash Shot(ss)
  • Reload Shot(rs)
  • Flash Step(fs)
  • Half Step(hs)
  • Reload Half Step(rhs)
  • Reload Slash Shot(rss)
  • Instant Fall
  • and many more
Click HERE to Sign Up! Just download, install, update and play. How to play? Just ask any player(pro) inside :D

Monday, August 20, 2007


Start with 'A'

Oh well, i'm lazy to list it all.
Click this to view =D


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