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Thursday, October 8, 2009

1 After Another

Is the mother Earth getting mad at us, recently? Is she taking revenge on us? Or justice?
Look around us, disasters are happening 1 after another, within 2 months. First the earthquake at Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, then, the tsunami that strucked Samoa, and now the super typhoons, Typhoon Ketsana to Philippines while Typhoon Melor to Japan.
Those disasters are natural disasters, not only destroying the properties, in fact, taking thousands of life. Are these the signs for us to wake up to take a good care of our mother Earth? That simple question is a common topic that has been reminded for years, centuries and decades, but yet, we human are still hurting our mother Earth. It is kinda silly for me to relate we human with such natural disasters, but I think we might be one of the sources which lead such disasters to take place.
Let's talk about the typhoons. After Ketsana and Melor, what will happen next? Based on the information that my cousin obtained, he said that there will be another 2 typhoons may occur around the Pacific Ocean, anytime. Philippines could be the victim, again. If I'm not wrong, he said that Typhoon Melor supposedly aiming Philippines, but then it turned its direction and aimed Japan instead.
On the other hand, my uncle is working on some platforms around Miri, Sarawak. He called home several times when those typhoons happened. Jobs are pending and everyone has to withdraw from platforms and remain at Miri Road for some time to stand by. According to my uncle, the waves that come from Pacific Ocean are big and strong, eventually, those waves are the tails of the typhoon. If the tails of the waves are strong, what do you think about the head of the waves?
So what's next?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Neighbours around Me

Here are some short stories based on my experiences with different kinds of neighbours, each point stands different neighbour. Spend some time and laugh if you can.

  • What a neighbour, when his house being robed, we were the one who helped him the most and not his family member. When our house being robed, he closed both of his eyes.
  • What a neighbour, everyday came back late night and slammed both grills and doors as loud as he could, without thinking the neighbours around. How could I "repay" that?
  • What a neighbour, she is so beautiful and kind, yet she was belonged to someone. Hurt.
  • What a neighbour, quarreling 24 hours per day and 7 days per week involving both mother and daughter, do they even think of their neighbour? Also, reputation? Gosh.
  • What a neighbour, always looked all his doors and windows, treated own neighbour as stranger. Silly and worthless to smile at them each time.
  • What a neighbour, his puppy always comes to my house for nothing and he take no care about it. Luckily the dog that I took care is smart to pee on his gate!
  • What a neighbour, always gave her food, to tryout different foods from different culture, eventually, she will return the dish with cold French toast, everytime. As though I don't know how to do French toast, speechless.
  • What a neighbour, he looks like a fisherman and clean fish every morning in his car pouch. After cleaned those fish, the fish scales were just washed to the main road and that's it. Is that the proper way? The scales have brain, when they were dried, they will flew back to the car pouch! That's more I like it.
  • What a neighbour, everyday approached to you and gossip with you. Nothing else to do?!
  • What a neighbour, as a housewife who stayed at home, always being a "spy" to peep opposite neighbour to see who came to our house and what are they doing. We do not need a CCTV!
  • What a neighbour, any visitors come to their house, they eventually will horn. It is annoying, because my visitors horn too! With the same tone!

And so, that's the end of it.

Mooncake Festival

Yesterday was the official day of Mooncake Festival aka Lantern Festival. Unfortunately, the moon that I saw doesn't looks 360° to me, although it was very bright.

As for yesterday, what I did was, instead of eating mooncake under the moon, I ate durian under the moon! Watching kids around the neighbourhood carrying modern and traditional lanterns, walking and running around under the moon light, some with the entire family members, even with wheel chairs. Some may not take part in carrying the lanterns but their house was lighted up with lanterns! Lovely.

As for me, I miss and missed the enjoyment of burning the candles and lighting the lanterns up to hang around my house in KL. Perhaps gonna miss it for another 3 years. Will wait and see.


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