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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Initial D

Initial D? Drift drift drift! Pretty impressive, created since 1995. I believe many of you knew about it. Watch the anime (although it's quite outdated but it's intersting). For more info, click HERE to view. I'm gonna upload some Stages to share for those who never watch before.

  • Initial D First Stage - 26 episodes (1998)
  • Initial D Second Stage - 13 episodes (1999)
  • Initial D Extra Stage OVA - 2 episodes side (2000)
  • Initial D Third Stage - a 2 hour movie (2001)
  • Initial D Battle Stage - a 50 minute movie (2002)
  • Initial D Fourth Stage - 24 episodes (2004—2006)
  • Initial D Battle Stage 2

Stay tune. =)


maxchs said...

Are sure you wan to upload? o_O? it is very big. and i will be painful as it kills time to upload...=___=

EzraIdiot said...

haha, each episode is about 63Mb and it took roughly 25min to upload each epidose, i don't mind to wait while I'm watching it....

⌠VuwB.UC | Caren⌡ said...

hUrm heRm hmph ~
wATcH aNimE dE .. dOn'T wAnT cHoiii mE dE .. @x@


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