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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Here's a funny poem I would like to share. Funny Valentine poems can also be love poems. This funny Valentine's Day love poem speaks of love's all-encompassing thoughts and feelings.

Everything Reminds Me Of You

I look at a tree,
And what do I see?
My Valentine's face
Smiling back at me.

I spot a cute rock,
But, oh what a shock,
For it reminds of you
And that is no crock.

Everywhere that I turn,
My feelings just burn
With thoughts about you,
My love please don’t spurn!

Each rock and each tree,
Each cloud and each bee,
The earth and the sea,
It all reminds me...

I love you awesomely!

By Karl Fuchs


JiaQian said...

do you have the Korean drama snow queen soundtrack? i tried to find from other webs but only those few songs...

EzraIdiot said...

hi there,

I can't upload for you, sorry.
But I found a site for you to download, click HERE...

Have fun ya~

Ohya, tips for you just in case you don't know, after downloading 1 song, make sure you restart your modem, then only you proceed to another song. If you don't, you can't download. That user shared those songs with rapidshare.

Thanks for coming ^^

jiaying said...

hey there, do you have the songs from revolving doors of vengeance? it's a tvb production in hk.

please please please help me? i'm like extremely in love with the songs.

EzraIdiot said...

Hi there,

Nope, I don't have.
Sorry ya


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