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Friday, June 20, 2008

Steps to Create FavIcon for Your Web

I've added a FavIcon, into my blog without any failure(look up,only Firefox user). And now I would to teach ways to do it.

Just follow these following steps, as simple as ABC

  1. Simply create a picture with a format of JPEG/GIF/PNG/BMP/TIFF.
  2. It's up to you to use any picture you like. To have a better result, make sure the size of the picture is 32x32 pixels(minimum 16x16 pixels).
  3. Once you satisfy with your Icon, you need a host to upload your icon.
  4. Upload it at www.iconj.com and it will provide you your link for free.
  5. Simply copy and paste your link into the head of your web page.
  6. Once you have pasted the link, wahlah, it's done!

Simple right? Hope you can do it successfully.



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