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Thursday, October 8, 2009

1 After Another

Is the mother Earth getting mad at us, recently? Is she taking revenge on us? Or justice?
Look around us, disasters are happening 1 after another, within 2 months. First the earthquake at Java and Sumatra, Indonesia, then, the tsunami that strucked Samoa, and now the super typhoons, Typhoon Ketsana to Philippines while Typhoon Melor to Japan.
Those disasters are natural disasters, not only destroying the properties, in fact, taking thousands of life. Are these the signs for us to wake up to take a good care of our mother Earth? That simple question is a common topic that has been reminded for years, centuries and decades, but yet, we human are still hurting our mother Earth. It is kinda silly for me to relate we human with such natural disasters, but I think we might be one of the sources which lead such disasters to take place.
Let's talk about the typhoons. After Ketsana and Melor, what will happen next? Based on the information that my cousin obtained, he said that there will be another 2 typhoons may occur around the Pacific Ocean, anytime. Philippines could be the victim, again. If I'm not wrong, he said that Typhoon Melor supposedly aiming Philippines, but then it turned its direction and aimed Japan instead.
On the other hand, my uncle is working on some platforms around Miri, Sarawak. He called home several times when those typhoons happened. Jobs are pending and everyone has to withdraw from platforms and remain at Miri Road for some time to stand by. According to my uncle, the waves that come from Pacific Ocean are big and strong, eventually, those waves are the tails of the typhoon. If the tails of the waves are strong, what do you think about the head of the waves?
So what's next?



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