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Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Month Of Ghost

BEWARE of Hungry Ghost! The gate has opened!
What things you shouldn't do during the chinese 'Ghost Festival/Ghost Month/Ghost Day' :

a) Don't use/carry/bring/equip bell, including key-chains.
b) Be back home early.
c) Don't kick/step/take those foods along the road side.
d) Sleep before 3a.m? I would advice to sleep before 12a.m. =D
e) Don't say/shout/scream/sing your friends and family name after 12a.m.
f) If you heard someone is calling you but you noticed there is nobody, just IGNORE!
g) Don't/avoid wearing BLACK shirts(maybe clothes).
h) Close umbrella in front of your house door and don't bring it in.
i) Don't hang clothes at night.
j) Keep all your hanging clothes BEFORE 5p.m.
k) Don't whistle at night.


forever520berry said...

Better try it on yourself 1st HAHA...

maxchs said...

a)oh...I remember this 6:00 a.m, I try before...
Well clciky.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
part 7

b)erm...about wat time?

c)opps...erm..omg...I step on some stool...

d)erm..almost everyday on this holiday, I sleep until 1 or 2 a.m

e)Of course I won't. My mum will skin me for being rude..

f)erm..I usually ignore people..well most...I think coz I always dreaming and kinda weak on hearing stuff...yeah, the frequency..

g)what about "under" ones? XD

h)erm..I usually put my umbrella in my house, if it were out side, most it will vanish from the face of the earth...well guess who stole it...

i)my grandma usually do that...and it kinda stink...well eww...

j)oh...I think I going to buy a oven. This day are kinda rainy.

k)I don't even know how to whistle...>_>

⌠VuwB.UC | Caren⌡ said...

i) Don't hang clothes at night.
j) Keep all your hanging clothes BEFORE 5p.m.

0Mg! My mum always hang clothes at night. EVEN is Hungry Ghost Festival.
Just now I saw my clothes hanging at outside, aRgHHHHH ..

EzraIdiot said...

Oh well, believe it or not, it's just up to you all....Haha..... Nothing wrong if you don't believe, just that some bad things might happen....
Don't ask for example or examples.

forever520berry said...

--_-- haiz u all if ezra possessed then i believe HAHA

maxchs said...

Then I will whack him with my "Masamune"

forever520berry said...

no need catch her to his "master" can liao kekeke i sure he 100% obey her even possessed kekeke... and say LONG LIVE EVE!!! HAHA

forever520berry said...

PS: if u are wondering whi is eve, max u know the photography club my class the chubby gal thats eve for short


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