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Friday, August 24, 2007

Get Paid By Clicking Ads (Advertisement)

I am a member these pay per click sites so I know they are genuine and they do pay out. All sites listed are 100% free to join and cash out. Featured are the sites that will pay you more per click. Try joining a few of the smaller pay to click sites then use your earnings to purchase advertising on the sites to build your down line for the larger programs.

(i) Adbux

*note that it's in USD

  • Earn $0.0015-0.01 per ad visit (it's kinda rush and may miss those ads if you click slowly due to its limit)
  • $10 can be taken out by Pay Pal or check payout
  • Receive 100% on referral earnings

Adbux's web : http://adbux.org

(ii) Englandbux

*note that it's in UK Pound

  • Earn £0.01 per ad visit (doesn't need to rush because those ads will not disappear)
  • £10 can be taken out by Pay Pal or E-Gold (not recommended)
  • Receive 50% on referral earnings

Englandbux's web : http://www.englandbux.org

~Guys, if interested, register and type me as your referrer. My referrer ID is ezrasang for both account mentioned above.

~Getting started, for Adbux, click 'Browse Ads' and you can see those ads which are available. For Englandbux, click 'Paid To Click' (sometimes Inbox in your e-mail and Englandbux's Inbox).

~ATTENTION! IMPORTANT! Only click ONE ads at ONE time. Each clicked ads are counted by time (count down). Look at the TOP of those ads' page. Once it's 'DONE $', you may proceed to another ads. For Adbux, the time is not fixed (certain ads pay you directly after clicked, certain ads need to wait about 30s). For Englandbux, the time is fixed which is 45s each ads.

~Click everyday, it's worth although being paid with small amount.


陈博瀚 said...

hi, i've signed up an a/c on englandbux having u as my referral. but i hav a qn, there's this part when i sign up that prompted me to key in my "payment account ID". whats this ID? thx in advanced.


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