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Monday, November 17, 2008

Final Exam and Bye

To those who are sitting for their final exam, especially Foundation students in Curtin(Sarawak Campus), all the best from me. If your internal marks are high low, don't worry, put more afford for your exam, hardly can't can fail. Second semester's students, one week to go and we are done! Hallelujah, graduate from Foundation! Just one more, one more, one more week~

My exam's timetable:
-> Tuesday : 3 subjects, the most hideous day, consists of Engineering Mathematics (II) , Moral Studies, and the most UNdesirable Chemistry (II)! My Chemistry is good like s**t!
-> Wednesday : 1 subject, Programming C++ (II).
-> Thursday : 1 subject, Physics (II). GRADUATE! (Foundation only)
-> Friday : BBQ!!!!!!!!

Oh well, like usual, nothing much to type, just waiting for God to help me. Why? B'coz I'm not fully prepared, just like 20% done? My oh my, and tomorrow is the day!



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