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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Kuala Lumpur PC Fair(III) 2009

Kuala Lumpur PC Fair(III) was held from 4th December till 6th December 2009. Well I missed the KL PC Fair(II) 2009 as I was still in Miri. As this great event was going on each year, I started to feel that it is getting nothing, since last year. I started to go KL FC Fair when it was 1st launched carried on in KLCC (no longer at PWTC), year 2006. The worse that I meant were like, it started to get boring, unlike previously, year 2006 and 2007, where a lot of booths sell every single component of PC, hardware for sure, we can even customize our own Desktop.

And now, the PC Fair was going crazy, like, the war between Broadbands were worsen, Maxis Broadband in Green, Celcom Broadband in Blue, DiGi Broadband in Yellow, Streamyx in Black and P1 WiMax in Purple, like before except Streamyx(usually orange). How do they war? All booths were side by side and promoters scream and blocked the routes! Even worse, once you stop at their booth, all of the promoters will surround you, no way out, especially in the entrance of Hall 4! (Previously those Broadband booths were not side by side)

Each time PC Fair, I will at least go twice within 3 days, and each time will walk at least 3 rounds. Now, the heat to walk 3 rounds and to go for more than 1 day were no longer at there! Boring~ Prefer to go to Low Yat Plaza, uhm! Oh well, according to one of my friends, PC Fair will only held twice a year, begin next year, 

Here's a thing I wanna share. Once again, I present you 'The Gold Man', I think he was invited to Kuala Lumpur PC Fair(III) 2009! Say 'Hi' to him! 2nd time I met him, exactly after 1 year.


Ellyse said...

PC Fair? I not dare to go any more. Still remember last time when I go, there was many people .. Just like "Sardin Fish" XD.
And I know that, some of them go there only want to take photo with show girl .. hehe ~
Remember to ask me to join if next time you all got go there =)


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