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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Accident May Happen Anytime.

Like people always said, accident may happen anytime, so drive carefully. This morning around 11am(GMT+8.00) on my way back home, two cars nearly knock a car. Of course 1 of the car is me.

This is how it goes:

1. Since I’m at home, I fetch my sisters to school. After sent them, I head back to my home.

2. At traffic light I’ve stopped since it’s red light, when is green then I go, everyone knows it.

3. I’m driving my mum’s Suzuki Jimny(aka Samurai) with a speed about 60km h-1 at right lane and there’s a car about the same speed next to me(left lane). Both of us were leading after the traffic light.

4. Then, came into 1 corner and I saw 1 white Honda Jazz in front about 500m driving slowly about 20-30km h-1 at right lane.

5. There is a junction in front, that white Honda gave a left signal and turn to left lane IMMEDIATELY(what a noob, it suppose to be 4 seconds before you turn), then I said to myself, stupid car last minute give signal then come so near to the junction then only want to turn.

6. I thought that white Honda wanted to turn into that junction, but not, he drove even slower, the car which next to me has to do an emergency brake, lame.

7. Even worse, that white Honda turn back to the right lane without giving signal, omFg, is he blind or what?!?! I NEARLY knocked him, I braked and distance between me and that Honda about 1cm, goddamnit.

8. If I did not brake, I might knock his back right tail light.

So people, do drive carefully on road. I think that car is new to that road, not familiar with it.
Remember always and keep in mind, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!! Haha


shiangshiang said...

wahh...so long story..
ur description make me so scare u noe!!
i juz done my undang leh...
seem lik so kong bu..
anyways, take care ..
law is useless...sometimes la..hahaha

vUwB said...

Wah .. always fetch ur sis ..
U got potential to be taxi driver jor ...

Wah .. drive car very terrible ..
i dowan learn jor xD


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