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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kung Fu Dunk Contest

The Star newspaper is organizing a Kung Fu Dunk contest.
Click HERE to get more info and see those prizes.


xiiaogrey said...

do you have the songs for 5566's new album ?

3xiin2yii said...

may i know where you download those songs?

VioletredDora said...

hey, you have jonas brother new song?
when you look me in the eye?

EzraIdiot said...

Sorry guys, I really quit doing song request for some reason, don't ask fot it, hehe...

There are many methods to download songs:
1.Try this web, search those songs you want.
2.Using Peer To Peer(P2P) software, such as LimeWire, Piolet,Areas, I would recommend Piolet.
3.Using torrent files.
4.Using Google Search, feel surprised? It's easy, simply key in the songs u wanted including .mp3 or .wma or so on. Example: Simple Plan - When You're Gone.mp3

Thanks for viewing.


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