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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Advertlets vanished?

To all Asian bloggers,

Are you a blogger which registered with Advertlets? Did you try to enter Advertlets? Look at this. Read the red circled of the picture. Can't see? Click the picture la, lazy wanna click? I'll type it. It mentioned

"This domain name expired on Jan 03, 2010
Click here to renew it."

Die lo, REMOVE all of your HTML codes which are from Advertlets IMMEDIATELY now!!! Ask me WHY if you STILL don't know, I'll tell you why. Lazy wanna explain, just try to enter your web la if you don't believe, see where does it enter, haha.

So far no1 knows what has happened to Advertlets[obviously it's expired(I guess) but at the year of 2010? Lame]. Whether Josh Lim cheated all Asian bloggers, or it's a scam, or whatever it is, HOPEFULLY it will be fixed!!


VioletredDora said...

hey, do you by any chance have spice girl album?
i know have been a bitch lately, sorry yaw.
one song pleasE?
from the heart - another level.

EzraIdiot said...


I'll try to find 'From The Heart - Another Level'

Spice Girls on the way, just stay tune.


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