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Friday, August 15, 2008

The Month Of Liberty For Ghost Of Hunger

This year, today is the official day for the hungry ghost to be released, for a month. Let me repeat the 'pantang-larang', similarly to last year's post and there's some updates.

For Non-Buddhism & Buddhism, believe or not is up to you:

a) Don't use/carry/bring/equip bell, including key-chains for bell.
b) Be back home early, if it's possible not to go out at night is the best.
c) Don't kick/step/take those foods along the road side that you saw, that's for the hungry ghost.
d) Sleep before 3a.m? I would advice to sleep before 12a.m., or should I say as early as possible.
e) Don't say/shout/scream/sing out your friends and family name after 12a.m.
f) If you heard someone is calling you but you noticed there is nobody, just IGNORE!
g) Don't/avoid wearing BLACK shirts(maybe clothes).
h) Close your umbrella in front of your house door and don't bring it in.
i) Don't hang clothes at night.
j) Keep all your hanging clothes BEFORE 5p.m.
k) Don't whistle at night.



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