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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Annoying Ads in Facebook

I believe most of you here when gained the opportunity to surf the net, 1st thing to on will be your MSN, or should I say WLM, Windows Live Messenger. Am I right? No doubt. Just admit it!! Then, my 2nd thing to on will be Facebook for most of the time. 24 hours per day & 7 days per week, Facebook will be on if my internet connection doesn't switch off, even when I'm sleeping.

Since the last 2 days, or maybe earlier, a minor update has been done in Facebook, which was the advertisement(ads) section. If you are a member and haven't notice, might to have a look on your right hand side for most of the pages in Facebook, especially for applications. I felt glad when I saw this first ads, bottom left, since I study there(Sarawak campus). But then, I started to get attracted annoyed when the 2nd ads, bottom right, keep showing several times within an hour! Oh well, I censored it, hehe. My first thought about it, does Facebook has nothing better to publish else than |We Love "Boobs"|? LOL



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