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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Changes of Mind for PCs

Mind always change and so do plan can be changed. Read this post, I prove it to you readers how it changes within these 2 days(Saturday and Sunday).

Planned just to go to the Final PIKOM PC Fair on Friday, but then I changed my mind at the very last minute just to get a 8Gb MicroSD card on Saturday. Nothing much to type about it, just walked 1 round, bought it and straight away headed back. Once I got home, my dad asked me one simple question, but yet it hurts me a lot, which was, can I find a Desktop with the price of RM1k for my sisters? The thing which hurts me was not the price, but it was the time that I wasted for Friday and Saturday. If he could ask me earlier, I can safe my time and survey it during Friday’s and Saturday’s PC Fair. And now, Sunday, I have no choice but to go to PC Fair, again. Since I prefer to get a customised Desktop, he gave me RM1.5k, well, just nice, for my sisters. Before PC Fair, I had surveyed several places for an AMD Desktop about this range, just a simple but quite high tech Desktop, which can be upgraded in the near future. Note that, this Desktop is for my sisters, not me. My old Pentium 4 3.0Ghz with HT Technology Desktop has to be abandoned. My PC used by my sisters while I’m away from KL, seriously damaged and hardly can be cured; to be exact, it’s not their fault. Oh well, when the time comes, it has to be replaced.

Changing mind, wanna try AMD for once instead of Intel all the while. The reason of taking AMD because it is cheaper compared to Intel, everyone knows that, nevertheless, it can perform better in terms of gaming. At first, the type of motherboard I was looking for was the type that comes with 780 Chipset, no idea what is it? Just Google it. It comes with HDMI and eSATA slots, supportable maximum to 8Gb DDR2 RAM, the Integrated VGA was one of the best as well, which was made by ATI, anyway, TWO Graphic Cards can be added in the future. However, last few hours I changed my mind to get a better motherboard, which was 790GX, more or less the same as 780, but 790GX has higher Integrated VGA, what was worth the most was that it comes with Hybrid CrossFireX. Just Google for 790GX Chipset motherboard if you wanna know more. Thus, I would prefer to get a customised Desktop instead of a Package-branded Desktop, you can save a lot and it satisfies you.

On the other hand, N(Nothing)’s dad who previously rejected that insane Desktop has also changed his mind, allowed N(Nothing) to purchase that insane Desktop. The only hope from N(Nothing) was that nobody get that last piece of FREE Samsung 21.5" LCD! Yet, he was so lucky that no one get the 2nd FREE Samsung 21.5" LCD. Without any second though, his dad passed RM1k to him for deposit and the ‘Everybody’s Dream Desktop’ is ready to be collected on Monday evening at Low Yat Plaza. Congratulations dude, Intel Core i7 is in your hand! Wanna know the crazy spec? Read the previous post.

Back to my hand, I’m looking for an AMD’s Processor which so known as Phenom, aka Quad Core, but since my demand was high, I targeted the highest Processor, which was AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition! LOL, such Processor for my sisters! What can they do with it? Anyway, walked 1 round every corner of PC Fair, I couldn’t find a single of it. Just found a 2Gb DDR2 800Mhz Kingston RAM, it will be enough for my sisters, hehe. In the end, changed my mind to go to Low Yat Plaza and search for the Processor and Motherboard at the very last minute, right after PC Fair. Expected everybody will only go to PC Fair, and yet, again and again, expect the unexpected, Low Yat Plaza full with people as well. Anyhow, I found it! The things that I wanted:

@ AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition(2.6GHz, highest for AMD)
@ Asus M3A78-T Motherboard(790GX Chipset)
@ Cooler Master casing + 450W power supply

All in RM1540 including the RAM, I guess I gotto top up another RM40 for the Desktop. This Asus 790GX Chipset motherboard is very way too superb for user like my sisters, why? Because it comes with Integrated ATI HD3300, which is 128Mb for its Integrated Graphic and it can be maximized till 512Mb by sharing memory, and supportable to THREE Graphic Cards, unlike other brands, only TWO. And, will my sisters need the Hybrid CrossFireX? Anyway, ever wonder why I don’t purchase a Harddisc and a DVD-ROM? The reason is simple, just use back the old 1, 160Gb for my sisters, how long will they take to use it completely? DVD-ROM use back, because using an external Super Multi DVD-ROM. Floopy A drive? Do they need it? Such spec of Desktop for my sisters, even the shop's salesman couldn't believe me, how lucky they are, FYI, they are ‘computer noobs’! I mean it, computer noobs. Haha.

Planned to go back to hometown, Malacca, on Monday has to be delayed, due to the appearance of this new Desktop, at the same time, N(nothing)’s ‘Monster PC’ is coming, I gotto help him. Oh well, mind always change and so do plan can be changed. The end.


vUwB said...

You bought AMD Phenom 9950 Black Edition? You want overlock? Actually this model is for those who want to overclock computer. Some more, you should buy 550W PSU if you wan overclock.

EzraIdiot said...

My purpose is to get a Quad Core processor with the highest and worth buying GHz, not for over-clocking. Phenom 9950 with and without Black Edition is just different by RM10 at that time, which will you pick?

Oh well, just launched AMD Phenom II 920 & 940 recently, 920 comes with 2.8GHz while 940 comes with 3.0GHz. In terms of price, I would rather get a Core i7 than Phenom II, but of course, have to spend more on motherboard for Core i7.

The PSU I'm using is just for the time being, I guess, in future might change to 460W or higher 80+, which can supports 2 Graphic Cards. Current PSU I'm using only supports one Graphic Cards, anyhow, I'm still using the integrated Graphic, it is more than enough, 384Mb minimum and maximum will be 1023Mb, sharing memory, pain.


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