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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gentlemen: The Victim Of Shopping

When it comes to shopping, men will lose to women in everything, yea, I mean it, everything! This may sound common but yet, it is the fact. This few days, I shopped everywhere and decided to post what I observed all the while since, hmm, long long ago. Assume this situation that every couple, regardless married nor unmarried couples, wanna go shopping to get their new clothes for Christmas or maybe Chinese New Year or maybe Hari Raya or maybe Deepavali etc. Once enter the shopping mall, the first place to go will be the ladies’ department, followed by children’s department(for those who have kids below the age of 12) and last will be the gentlemen’s department.

In ladies’ department, 80% of the men will be ‘abandoned’ by his partner. The remaining 20% will accompany his partner to choose garments, usually unmarried couples and old couples will do so, the rest just accompany for nothing. Within that 80% who were ‘abandoned’, 65% of them have kids with them, most of the time will be boys, while the remaining were those who were unwilling to accompany his partner. For those who have kids and at the same time brought along their portable game console, 80% of men will observe on what his children are playing while the other 20% will indirectly snatch the portable game console to play. Those who doesn’t has kids yet, most of them will sit on the bench all alone and start observing their surrounding, ladies for sure, LOL, unless he brought along a newspaper or magazine or book to read. No doubt. Now, proceed to children’s department.

In children’s department, this will be the most lovely time, because some of the couples will shop together, not all but some of the time(if they come together). They might be seen to shop together but 30% of the time they will argue to pick their children’s garments, especially choosing colours. However, the amount number of ladies in children’s department will be the most. Most of the time, the ladies will buy clothes for both daughter and son, but hardly to see a gentleman shop for his daughter. This proves what? Guys have no sense of buying female’s clothes? Or has a bad taste? Or afraid of your wife to scold you? Oh well, proceed to gentlemen’s department.

In gentlemen’s department, 90% of men would prefer to shop alone especially when his partner is not around with him but 40% from the 90% will successfully escape from his partner. Those who have kids will shop with his kids, especially with boys between the ages of 5 to 12. Those men who can’t run and hide from his partner, he seldom gains the opportunity to choose the garment which he likes, and always the ladies’ power-rule to pick the garment, especially upper garment. Why do guys sound so pity?

In reality, when it comes to pay the garments, all of time, the quantity of clothes for ladies will be the most, and each of it will cost more than the gentleman’s clothes, regardless kids’ clothes. If you spend 5 hours in the shopping mall, 3 hours will be in the ladies’ department, 1 and the half hour will be in the kids’ department while the remaining, oh well, I do not have to type.

So, what do you think?

*This post is just based on my opinion and also reality. It may sound true or false, it’s just my opinion.



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