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Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 nights in Long House

13 till 15 March: 3 days 2 nights, I spent my time at my cousin’s wife’s long house which located at Sungai Asap, Bakun, Sarawak with my cousin and his family. The distance from Miri to Sungai Asap is 267km, similarly from Miri to Bintulu, but the journey to Sungai Asap is 4 to 5 hours! Unlike the journey to Bintulu is just 2 to 3 hours! Reason? Holes everywhere, curving and winding roads all the way from Batu Niah to Sungai Asap.

On Friday, after my 4 hours straight, 3 lectures in a row with no break, I went back home right away, it was 12pm. After preparations were done, we made a move from Miri at 1pm. As estimated, we arrived at the long house within 5 hours.

1st time in my life, I did not bath for 3 days! Yea, I mean it, 3 days! Mainly because of the weather were cold and exist no water heater. Anyhow, I took a bath in the river nearby the long house on the second day. At the same time, we had a picnic by the river. Lucky us, we manage to get some fresh water fish, then we BBQ it on the spot.

Nothing further more I can type, couldn’t express the boringness enjoyments, LOL, anyway, here’s some pictures I would like to share.

Day 1

Image 1: Taken after arrival, 6.19pm. Look at the mist.

Day 2

Image 2 & 3: Taken once I awake, 7.47am. Look at the mist.

Image 4 & 5: The river nearby where we picnic & bath.

Day 3

Image 6: Taken once I woke up, 7.27am. Mist mist mist.

Image 7: Taken from 2nd floor of the long house, used PanoMan in my Mobile.

3rd day, we made a move to Miri at 3pm. Pretty miss there, gonna go there again someday.

Ohya, generally, there are 4 cellular services in Malaysia, which are, DiGi, Maxis, Celcom and U Mobile. Unfortunately, only DiGi is available at there, like what DiGi always says, “Time to Change, DiGi, Always the Smarter Choice” and “I will Follow You”.


Wendee said...

wahh! nice mist...

and digi always the smarter choice! haha


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