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Monday, March 30, 2009

Restless Celcom #1

My oh my, bandwidth limit for Celcom Broadband per month is 5Gb while Maxis Broadband is 3Gb. After you exceed the bandwidth of the month, your internet speed will slow down automatically until the following month, as the service provider will reset it once a month.

I, personally using Celcom Broadband in Miri for nearly a year. Think in the near way, 5Gb is kinda big. If you think further, 5Gb is nothing. This is what I mean, look at the image below which I 'print screen' it.

If you can't see and lazy wanna enlarge the image, I'll tell you what am I going to show.

Signal : HSDPA
Network : Celcom
Duration : 162:05:07 = 6.75 days
Volume : 7.4Gb

Ah well, I've on my broadband for 6.75 days streak without even thinking of restarting my connection or laptop. Once you restart, the duration will reset automatically. Now, currently, the duration is still on going. Assume 1 month contains 30 days. I exceeded the bandwidth within 6 days, so I'm gonna suffer for the following 24 days?

Oh well, from what can I conclude is that, I like the connection of HSDPA, reason? If I'm lucky, I can reach 2.0mbps+ for the download speed in the internet speed test. Try it out at www.speedtest.net for free. If in Miri the download speed can reach 2.0mbps, what about in Kuala Lumpur, since it can reach up to 3.6mbps. Gonna try once I go back for mid term break as I didn't bring it back last year semester break. In KL, my DSL connection may only reach 1.5mbps, maximum. Anyhow, the weakness of using broadband is that, it only emphasize on download speed, not upload speed, which means that if you play any online games, the ping must be high and laggy!

Anything else? It's my first time in my life, again, to on my broadband without stopping it! From what you saw in the picture above, the duration is 162:05:07, and now, the moment I'm typing it, is 162:36:44. I'll post the final image once I give up.


Epool86 said...

lol, dont expect you can achieve higher speed when in KL compare to your hometown in miri. u must understand that, miri have less broadband user that is why u can achieve superb fast 2mbps speed. when u r in KL, im sure u can get average at most 1 mbps only (according to my experience with celcom hsdpa). after all, hsdpa network is a share network.

EzraIdiot said...

My hometown? Malacca. I live in KL.

Study in Miri.

I can bet KL's speed will be faster compared in Miri, regardless the number of users using. Reason, Broadband is relying on the coverage, handphone coverage, not the number of users. Anyhow, I'll try once I go back to KL on June till July.

Ripalo Cal said...

Actually it cannot be said like that. In truth, every area or zone have one tower that can withstand a certain amount of bandwidth for example 10Gbps. This tower will be shared among all the users in the zone. Its the same like streamyx whereby all connections are connected to the substation.

In KL, if you are staying in a housing area full of old men and no schoolkids / everybody is using streamyx, your celcom broadband will be extra fast.

The reason why they limit your bandwidth is because if you suck up too b/w, ppl won't be able to use it. It goes the other way round too.

Known speed for HSDPA:
KL (maxis) 5Mbps highest.
*Most of your modems can support up to 7.2Mbps.


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