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Saturday, March 28, 2009


1st time in my life, I purchased some items online via eBay. Risky? Yes, that's what I wanna try. Tried to purchase some cheap stuffs and proved to parents who don't trust on purchasing items via internet. Within 1 week, I purchased 4 items and received 3 items so far within 24 hours after postage within Malaysia.

Item #1: 2 Ben10 Rubik's Cube, cost me RM24.50 with free postage, have not received so far.
Item #2: 1 Philip Turbo Bass SHE7850 earphone, cost me RM40 with free postage, original price RM79.90 on market, received within 24 hours from Johor, West Malaysia to Miri, East Malaysia.
Item #3 & #4: 2 pieces + 3 pieces of RM20 banknotes, cost me RM254 including postage, received within 24 hours from Miri to Miri.

So far all these 4 items were paid via Cash Deposit, MayBank. Condition? As good as what the seller stated. Gonna try using PayPal soon, how soon? No idea. Then, gonna try to purchase item(s) internationally. Believe it or not, up to you.


General_Nic said...

u wan 2 prove 2 who's parents who dont trust online purchasing? urs or mine? XDDD

EzraIdiot said...

Everybody, especially your mum!


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