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Monday, March 30, 2009

Clumsy yet Lucky

Most of the Homo sapiens has 1 bad habit when encounter homework, projects, assessments, assignments, reports, etc. The bad habit will be LAST MINUTE work!

This is what gonna happen if you always complete your work in the very very very last minute:
1. May not be perfect 100%.
2. As the time limit is approaching, you will simply do.
3. You'll take no care even if you feel it's incomplete.
4. Grammar and spelling mistakes everywhere.
5. Produce untidy and messy work.
6. Rush till early morning and no sleep, go to class with no strength.
7. Anxious to get low marks.
8. Gain low mark at the end of the day.

Ok, I admit that I'm one of the Homo sapiens that always do last minute work. It was the worst 'nightmare' that I ever faced. People always give excuses that they had no mood to do their work, until the very last minute, they will rush for it, is that the mood? I've rushed my project till Monday 2am, and ready to save a copy into my pendrive before heading to bed. Before that, I was cleaning the unwanted temporary files on my Desktop. Without anyone's notice, I didn't realise that my folder for my project has been selected. Guess what I hit on my keyboard, I hitted 'Shift + Delete + Enter'.

And wahlah, the 'nightmare' has just began. My heart was like gonna blow! First thing in my mind was, I asked myself to calm down, trying to convince myself so that I can recover it by using certain recovery softwares. Too bad, I can't recover it perfectly. Only manage to recover it for about 70%. The balance 30% I gotta redo it. My tables and diagrams were gone, my drawings were vanished. What to do? Rush again from S to Z (not A to Z, it's the balance 30%)!

Rushed till 4.30am and planned not to go to bed as I gotto get ready for class by 7am, no point for me to sleep. But too bad, the heavy cold rain outside has made me wanna sleep and resulted me to woke later by half an hour compared to normal waking time. And again, rush, rush to class, yet reached too early, ZzZz.

So to all Homo sapiens, please don't do last minute work. If you still refused to change such attitude, wait till you experience it.


Anonymous said...

haha! i love your last minute post. It reminds of me too. Im also one of the homo sapiens. Rush and late for class too. Visit my blog too ! tq^^


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