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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Album Request...

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Album requested by junie.
(I only managed to get this version)

The Sound of Music: 40th Anniversary Special Edition

01. Prelude And The Sound Of Music
02. Overture And Preludium(Dixit Dominus)
03. Morning Hymn & Alleluia
04. Maria
05. I Have Confidence
06. Sixteen Going On Seventeen
07. My Favourite Things
08. Do-Re-Mi
09. The Sound Of Music(Reprise)
10. The Lonely Goatherd
11. So Long, Farewell
12. Climb Ev'ry Mountain
13. Something Good
14. Processional And Maria
15. Edelweiss
16. Climb Ev'ry Mountain(Reprise)
17. Prelude The Sound Of Music(Reprise)
18. I Have Confidence
19. Sixteen Going On Seventeen(Extended Version)
20. My Favorite Things
21. Edelweiss
22. The Grand Waltz
23. Laendler
24. Processional Waltz
25. Something Good
26. The Chase
27. Escape Climb Ev'ry Mountain(Reprise) Finale


Stay tune for more updates.


Junie said...

hey.. thanks so much..
this version is great enough..:)

EzraIdiot said...

my pleassure.


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