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Friday, December 21, 2007

Songs Request...

Simply click to download.

Song requested from violetreddora.

-->Leigh Nash - Ocean Size Love.mp3<--

Songs requested from jiaying.
Witch Yoo Hee/Witch Amusement OST

01. Oon Myung Eh Jang Nan
02. If
03. Geu Ge Mal Ee Jyo
04. Day By Day
05. Sarang Ah Nae Ge Oh Gi Man Hae(Part1)
06. Destiny
07. Sarang Eun Uh Ryuh Wuh
08. Memories
09. Geu Rae
10. Sarang Ah Nae Ge Oh Gi Man Hae(Part2)
11. Just Like Destiny(Instrumentl)
12. Run And Run(Instrument)
13. Sarang Eul Mol Ra(Instrument)
14. Sarang Ee Him Deul Ddae(Instrument)
15. Yo Ri Cook(Instrument)
16. Jwa Choong Woo Dol(Instrument)
17. Love Lesson(Instrument)
18. Goot Se Uh Ra Haeng Jin Gok(Instrument)
19. Destiny Adagio(Instrument)


Stay tune for more updates
(might update slower due to my presents at my hometown right now).


VioletredDora said...

hey, thanks i don't reall thought you will download it for me.
can i have,
home-michael buble
hello beautiful - jonas brothers
true friend - hannah montana/miley cyrus
back at one- brian mcknight
last kiss - pearl jam
the analyse- the cranberries
love fool- the cardigans
red red wine -UB40
dreams - the cranberries
liger- the cranberries
LOVE - nat king cole
cake - frank sinatra
kiss me - sixpence none the richer
there she goes - sixpence none the richer
love is gone - david guetta
littlest thing- lily allen
wonderful- lily allen
set it off - peaches
im the kinda -peaches
indiana - meag&dia
superman - five for fighting
fuck like a star - porcelain and the tramps
to be free - emiliana torrini
cinta begini - tangga
eighth world wonder - kimberly locke
hero/heroine - boys like girls
loose lips sin ships - a change of pace
goodnight goodnight - hot hot heat
your sword vs my dagger - silverstein
dear jamie...sincerely me - hellogoodbye
unbelievable - kaci brown

EzraIdiot said...

lol, soooooo many songs.

Will be uploaded SOON! Since i'm not using my PC, it will take a longer time, be patient.

jiaying said...

omg omg, thank you so so so so much!!! ((:

you rock!

jiaying said...

oh no.. i don't know how to open the files so i can't get the music! my pc doesn't have the prog to open thme.. can you help me upload them one by one? i'm so so sorry!! and thank you!

VioletredDora said...

i am what i am - jonas brothers
you are an angel, god i swear

EzraIdiot said...

lol, it's a zip file.

Just simply install any softwares such as WinRAR or WinZip.

Click HERE to download, it's free to use too. After the trial, u may still continue using, so don't you worry.

VioletredDora said...

bleed it out - linkin park

VioletredDora said...

torn - natalie imbruglia
Dear Catastrophe Waitress - belle&sebastian
inseparable - jonas brothers
relax, take it easy - mika

EzraIdiot said...

= =

violetreddora, dont't you think that your demand is way too high? lol, I will only share which I can especially NEW songs/albums.

Why not you try to download certain songs by using P2P(Peer 2 Peer) softwares? such as LimeWire, Ares, Piolet etc etc...It's free to use anyway

Oh ya, you requested for "Leigh Nash - Ocean Size Love" but you never download it at all, weird...

Your songs request is half way throught right now, stay tune.

jiaying said...

Aw man, I feel so dumb! Haha, Thanks so much!!

jiaying said...

im sorry, could you help me look for two songs? i can't find them anywhere..
快乐方式 by Rui En
跟着我一起 by Tay Ping Hui

thank you so so much!!


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