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Friday, December 28, 2007

Album & Songs Request...

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Album requested by selineee.

01. 一支独秀
02. 当我们宅一块
03. 我不会唱歌
04. 败给你
05. 爱情三不曲
06. 做得到
07. 蝴蝶秀
08. 操盘手
09. 防盗锁
10. 最后的风度
11. 我秀故我在


Requested album 'Olinda Cho - Rewind' is not available.

Songs requested by sexymoolahmama.

Ashley Tisdale - Last Christmas.mp3
Taylor Swift - Teardrops On My Guitar.mp3
薛凯琪 - Dear Fiona.mp3
卫兰 - 大哥.mp3

Stay tune for more updates.


em0angel said...

u got
catch ur wave
by click five??
by aly and aj???
and thats how you know
from enchanted
thx thx

em0angel said...

oo and add
sweetest girl
by someone forgot hu hahax

em0angel said...

oo and add
say gd bye
by chris brown
thx i noe alot of songs
still got more

EzraIdiot said...

post nicely please

on my way

stay tune

EzraIdiot said...



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