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Friday, December 28, 2007

Songs Request...


prettyurban said...

do you mind if you get the following:
Bouncing off the Walls again- Sugarcult
Stuck In America -Sugarcult
Killing Me- Sugarcult
I'm Alright- Sugarcult
Majoring in Minors- Sugarcult
The Investigation-Sugarcult
Speak the Truth- Sugarcult
Los Angeles- Sugarcult
Champagne- Sugarcult
How does it feel- Sugarcult
Worst to December- Sugarcult
She's the Blade- Sugarcult
Do It Alone- Sugarcult
Shaking- Sugarcult
Saying Goodbye- Sugarcult

p.s: um if you dont mind could you get them individually and not in album format? cus my computer cant read them for some shitty reason..

prettyurban said...

oops i left out
with me- sum 41

thanks again!

EzraIdiot said...

hi there,

I managed to find mostly all the songs u wanted except for 1:

Sugarcult - Speak The Truth

This 1 wasn't in any of their album or single release.

I'll try to find again.

Stay tune.


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