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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Song Request...

Simply click to download.

Song requested by em0angel.

Paramore - Emergency.mp3

Many songs from Alvin And The Chipmunks were edited and not original, as a result, will not be shared.

Stay tune for more updates.


Selineee .: said...

hi thr!
do you have show luo zhi xiang & olinda cho[spore idol] latest album songs?

much thanks (:


thanks for the song.
could you please get the following also:
True Friend- Miley Cyrus(Hannah Montana)
Teardrops on My Guitar- Taylor Swift
Last Christmas- Ashley Tisdale
大哥- Janice Wei
Dear Fiona- Fiona Sit

thanks alot! :)

EzraIdiot said...

Dear selineee,

I'll try to find Olinda Cho(might be hard to get)... Show Luo is find(easy to get)...

Dear sexymoolahmama,

'True Friend - Miley Cyrus' had been uploaded before, please search for it... Others will be updated soon(I'll try my best to get it, can't promise)...

Stay tune guys...
both r welcome...

EzraIdiot said...



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